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Mid-Maine Messianic fellowship is in Atkinson, Maine. We are a small group that meets most every weekend.  To get directions or to make sure we will be holding services the week that you wish to visit, please contact by the info listed below.
Bro. Spencer LaGoy
Phone: (207) 717-7644 call or text
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2 Responses to Contact Info

  1. Ron Colwell says:

    I’m looking for messianic services in central maine area–I live in Winslow -Waterville.

  2. ANNE says:

    commandment 4 is Saturday not sundays,,,,,,,,,, lev 23 are the holy days,,,,,,,,, sabbath is a sign between YHVH and HIS people… the Father is Yhvh Yahweh HIS son is Yahshua,,, lev 11 dietary laws… no j in hebrew till 1600… no J in English till 1600.,,,,,, so HIS name cant be jesus which is Greek word,,, He is a Hebrew Isrealite,,,,,,, sabath is a sign between me and my people and my name Yah seals them,..

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