F.O.T Info

Thank you to all that have celebrated Sukkot with us in times past.  Last year Mid Maine Messianic Fellowship held a loose get-together. With everyone spending evenings alone with their family and friends in their own camp.  And by day we gathered together in a picnic setting for fellowship.


If you have any questions about the Feast, Please feel free to Call or E-mail us.  Thank-you

3 Responses to F.O.T Info

  1. Liston and Ann Higgins says:

    Hi CJ & Spencer,
    Beth has told me of this website and the Tabernacles gathering in Dover Foxcroft…how very exciting to have it so close by!

  2. Carl & Gail Cutting says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just learned of the gathering for Sukkot at the fairgrounds and we are excited to attend! We are in Mexico, ME and have been looking for fellow believers in the Hebrew Roots Messianic message to celebrate the moedim with. Let’s pray for sunny skies and warm clear nights to take advantage of the full moon our YHWH has provided for this festival! YHWH bless you. Shalom.

  3. John & Sheila Pulsipher says:

    To all MMMFellowship members; those we met at FOT and those we did not.
    We want to express our heart felt gratitude for the love and joy of Y’shuah that we experienced from you all at Sukkot. We are so glad we attended. We have been immeasurably blessed by you all; as rural Maine Messianics. We are mostly city bred people and whether it’s because you all are rural people or because you are from Maine or because you are Messianic; we have not seen a group of people as loving and tolerant and understanding with each other and towards Yahweh anywhere in our travels so far. Our Heavenly Father did a good thing to bring us among you for this wonderful mo’edim, the best one of the year.
    We hope to come back someday. Not next year, but perhaps the year after. In the mean time, may Yahweh our Elohim richly bless each individual , each family, and grant strength and vision to your group’s future.
    In humble gratitude, we thank you all.
    Ahavah in Y’shua HaMachiach,
    John & Sheila Pulsipher

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